87 Linkedin Post Ideas 💡 (Your THREE MONTH Content Plan)

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Get access to three months of LinkedIn content ideas, plus expert examples and quick tips in an easy-to-read, downloadable document.

When it comes to LinkedIn, engaging is easy.

Audience building is easy. The hard part? Content.

I can't even count how many times a week I hear “Courtney, what should I post?!?”

So here we are. I’m sharing 87 ideas (plus examples) so you won’t have to ask me that question again…or until you get through all of these posts 😉😉


Courtney Johnson has worked at the top LinkedIn consulting firms, managing dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs as a ghostwriter and social media manager, and has generated millions of dollars in inbound leads for her clients.


  • Want to post more on LinkedIn, but don't know where to start?
  • Need a content game plan to improve your LinkedIn posting consistency?
  • Need inspo for a personal page or company page?
  • Are tired of outbound outreach, and want inbound leads directly to your inbox?


You KNOW that building your brand on LinkedIn works, you’ve seen other people do it, but you just don’t know how to get started.

You feel stuck and overwhelmed by social media. You’re posting - but nothing is happening!

You already spend time on LinkedIn, you just don’t know how to optimize your time spent.


🔥🔥🔥 I think you just blew up the “I don’t know what to post” excuse.

This is probably the most useful information I've found yet (in a LOT of looking) for content ideas. THANK YOU!

Talk about providing some seriously actionable insight that packs a punch.  This is a valuable posting that anyone trying to 'do LinkedIn' should read, Courtney!

I look at this list regularly when doing work for clients because your suggestions can be customized for each industry. REALLY BRILLIANT LIST!!!

Hey Courtney, I really loved this article! So so helpful, it gave me so many content ideas that I've now scheduled in Hootsuite!!

What a fantastic resource Courtney, thank you so much for your time spent curating this list! I particularly liked #18 - posing a "would you rather" question. I'm definitely going to try that one!!

More ideas than I know what to do with. Time to get to work!

WOW Thanks for sharing your knowledge Courtney Johnson This article is a real gem!


Why 87 Ideas?

I was tired of people asking me "What should I post on LinkedIn!?" So I gave them 87 different ideas. This should last you three months if you post every day!

How will this help me?

It's helped over 1,000 people build their audience on LinkedIn. Don't believe me? Check out the comments here.

Why should I listen to you?

I've built a huge, successful brand on LinkedIn. Check out my profile here. I've also helped 1,000s of people build their brand - and their business - on LinkedIn.


13. Talk about a common misconception in your industry.

No, working in sports isn't glamorous.

No, salespeople aren't all pushy.

No, just because you work in travel doesn't mean you get to travel every week.

No, technology doesn't have to be intimidating.

What's the misconception in your industry or your role and how can you address that?

16. Crowdsource your post.
Example: ask 10 people in your office the best advice they would have for someone that wants to get into your industry. 


You now have a post of “10 Travel Professionals Share Advice on Breaking into the Industry”.

You can also crowdsource in your own posts.

Another Example: you could post on LinkedIn: “What’s the best writing advice you’ve received?,” and then gather the comments. 


You now have a “10 writers share the best writing advice they’ve received” post! 

23. Share a throwback.

Share a throwback photo + copy

Where were you in life 5 years ago today? 10 years ago? 

What do you wish you knew back then?

33. Call out a specific audience.

Pick a super-niche subsection of your audience, and call them out directly. 

"SEO Managers - Here's what You Need to Know about Google's New Algorithm Updates"

will most likely perform better than

"Here's what You Need to Know about Google's New Algorithm Updates"

38. Share a screenshot that you recently saved.

This is one of my FAVORITE social media hacks! 

Head to your phone and open the screenshots page. How much value is hiding in that folder?

Probably a LOT! Maybe it was a tweet, a quote, a thought you jotted down in your notes app, or just something that you found valuable.

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87 Linkedin Post Ideas 💡 (Your THREE MONTH Content Plan)

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87 Linkedin Post Ideas 💡 (Your THREE MONTH Content Plan)

8 ratings
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